End-of-year Ideas to Boost VoIP/UCaaS Sales

(Read the last paragraph first, then come back here…we’ll wait…it’s important) Okay, good, let’s go… If you took a peek at your latest PnL, you might be freaking out over your numbers and looking for a way to boost your VoIP/UC sales in order to finish both the quarter and the year strong(er). Now, I’ve […]

The VoIP Sales After Action Review: Aim, Fire, Adjust

I learned a pretty cool concept in the Army that I’ve carried into my VoIP Sales life: the After Action Review (AAR — it’s the military, of course it became an acronym). After every training (or real life) mission, the leaders would gather and learn the lessons presented by asking three key questions: What was […]

Who’s your number one competitor?

Here’s a trick question I ask my new VoIP Sales clients: Who is the number one competitor your sales team faces out in the field? The answer, of course, is “Status Quo,” whatever phone system is currently sitting in the telco closet. That can be the hardest competitor to replace with your solution, to ‘pluck […]