Never Break the VoIP Sales Chain

One of the common themes my clients hear from me is, “Never break the chain!” As we walk our prospects through the buyer’s cycle, from initial prospecting touch all the way through signing of the agreement, the foundation underneath the whole process, the one thing that keeps it all going is the chain. This ‘chain’ […]

How to interview and hire a VoIP/UCaaS Sales Rep

Over the years, I’ve been involved in hiring new VoIP sales reps to help drive new VoIP/UCaaS sales. I find the process very entertaining — it’s great for my stand-up comedy. One woman had a little spider crawling around the bangs in her hair, doing little trapeze acrobatics right in front of her face. She […]

The Total Solar Eclipse of 2017 and your VoIP Sales

Okay, so the Solar Eclipse isn’t really all that related to selling VoIP/UCaaS. Just like every smart marketer, I’m jumping on this eclipse bandwagon for the easy ride. ┬áBut, there are a few aspects of selling VOIP services that this eclipse reminds me of. Timing is Everything There are two parts to timing in VoIP […]

The Rule of 78 in VoIP Sales

One of the keys to understanding recurring revenues in VoIP Sales is the Rule of 78. This is a simple concept, so let’s not complicate it. It goes like this: You make a new sale in January of $1000. That will recur for all 12 months in the year, bringing you $12,000 in revenue. In […]

Markup versus Margin in VoIP Services

I hear owners of VoIP businesses regularly mix up the concepts of Margin versus Markup when calculating both prices and profits. Simply put, your Gross Profit Margin is the percentage of a sale that is gross profit. That means, you take out cost of goods sold and labor, and you have your gross profit. What […]