End-of-year Ideas to Boost VoIP/UCaaS Sales

(Read the last paragraph first, then come back here…we’ll wait…it’s important) Okay, good, let’s go… If you took a peek at your latest PnL, you might be freaking out over your numbers and looking for a way to boost your VoIP/UC sales in order to finish both the quarter and the year strong(er). Now, I’ve […]

The Rule of 78 in VoIP Sales

One of the keys to understanding recurring revenues in VoIP Sales is the Rule of 78. This is a simple concept, so let’s not complicate it. It goes like this: You make a new sale in January of $1000. That will recur for all 12 months in the year, bringing you $12,000 in revenue. In […]

Markup versus Margin in VoIP Services

I hear owners of VoIP businesses regularly mix up the concepts of Margin versus Markup when calculating both prices and profits. Simply put, your Gross Profit Margin is the percentage of a sale that is gross profit. That means, you take out cost of goods sold and labor, and you have your gross profit. What […]