Never Break the VoIP Sales Chain

One of the common themes my clients hear from me is, “Never break the chain!” As we walk our prospects through the buyer’s cycle, from initial prospecting touch all the way through signing of the agreement, the foundation underneath the whole process, the one thing that keeps it all going is the chain. This ‘chain’ links each step together, and it’s as simple as scheduling the next step, right then, right there.

Never leave an appointment without scheduling the next step. Sounds simple, but it’s a mistake I’ve made many times myself. The ironic thing about this is the time that the chain breaks most often is just after a really good meeting. You just had a great discovery meeting. You discovered some real pain, a hard deadline, and you were talking to the decision maker. Wow! At the end of the meeting, you sweep up your laptop/folio/notepad, shake hands, and head out to your car feeling the glow of a great sales call — only to leave the chain broken. When you try to follow up, you leave messages, unanswered emails. The deal dies a slow death.

Never break the chain. If you have to write it on your notepad, do it: Schedule the next meeting!

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