VoIP Sales: Three Why's

The Three Why’s

Without good preparation, answering a prospect’s question, “Why should I buy from you?” can twist a sales meeting into despair. So how do you answer that question? You want to show the prospect three whys: Why you, Why your company, Why your solution.

Why you?

Give them the history that led you to sell these services. What inspired you to take on this role. What do you love about the technology, about working with your customers to help them find the best solution? Demonstrate that.

Why your company?

I love telling a company’s story. Begin with the founder and why they started the business. Share the moment that the company really started to become successful and how that relates to its customers’ success.  Share challenges and how the company overcame them. Inspire your prospect to WANT to do business with your company.

Why your solution?

Since we’re talking about VoIP/UCaaS specifically, you’ll want to hit on some of these key points as to why they want to go with this versus, say, an on-premises or self-managed system:

  • Scalability: It grows with your customer’s business.
  • Redundancy: You’ve built a world-class network.
  • Cost savings: you’ll save money on both CAPEX and OPEX over the life of the system
  • Better communications: “You didn’t wake up wanting to buy a plastic phone, right? No, you want your team to communicate better, with each other, with your customers, with your vendors!”
  • Reliability: It’s never down, so you’re always up and running.

That’s just a few, but you get the idea.

Now you have an answer. Your confidence in these answers will infect your prospect with the same confidence, and you will have just sped through much of the sales process.

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