The Total Solar Eclipse of 2017 and your VoIP Sales

Okay, so the Solar Eclipse isn’t really all that related to selling VoIP/UCaaS. Just like every smart marketer, I’m jumping on this eclipse bandwagon for the easy ride.  But, there are a few aspects of selling VOIP services that this eclipse reminds me of.

Timing is Everything

There are two parts to timing in VoIP Sales. First, you need to get to the prospects when they have a need or are experiencing some pain. Second, there needs to be some timeline for them to make a decision, some impending event. That is why it is so important as a VoIP sales rep to keep on top of your daily activities and work the timing the best you can — and hope for some good luck, too. You don’t want to arrive a day late for a VoIP sale or for the eclipse.

Proper Alignment

The Sun, Moon and Earth all have to be perfectly aligned in order for one little shadow dot to appear on Earth (and for all of us crazy people to go running to see it). In selling VoIP, you need to align all of the decision makers and influencers on your prospect’s team. When I say ‘aligned’, they all need to have their questions answered and believe in your solution. If you miss on one key person over there, it could blow your whole deal. The same goes for your own team. If you’re bringing support (CTO, Sales Engineer, real Engineer, etc.), they need to be briefed on the situation and coached up on what the objectives are.  You can’t have a great eclipse experience if the moon’s on the wrong side of Earth!


Finally, it is important for your sales process that you truly understand your prospect’s wants and needs. Remember, a buyer enjoys paying for what they want and may resent paying for what they need. Just think of a typical experience at the gas pump. You may resent paying for the gas, but you enjoy running into the store for soda or candy or a scratcher game (yes, you do! And you watch TV and drive through McDonald’s on occasion as well).  So it is vital that you understand what your prospect is looking to do, what pain they want to solve, and what business outcomes they want to achieve. Perspective. You don’t want to be standing in New Mexico when the eclipse passes over Colorado!

Okay, so there’s a few Eclipse analogies for your VoIP sales team. Now, go enjoy the Total Solar Eclipse of 2017 and bring home the month strong in sales!

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