Who’s your number one competitor?

Here’s a trick question I ask my new VoIP Sales clients: Who is the number one competitor your sales team faces out in the field? The answer, of course, is “Status Quo,” whatever phone system is currently sitting in the telco closet. That can be the hardest competitor to replace with your solution, to ‘pluck it off’ as I say.

What’s the best way to pluck off the status quo system? In our Sales Discovery, we focus on finding out key information from the prospect, in order to qualify or disqualify them: Pain, Budget, Timeline, and Decision-making process. In trying to replace the existing system with your VoIP/UCaaS system, the two key parts to that are Pain and Timeline.


When you come out of the Discovery meeting with a clear understanding of the prospect’s Pain and/or Timeline, your chances of moving this forward are much better. Without them, your lever won’t pluck! In fact, when a sales rep has a deal that hangs around in the sales pipeline week after week, month after month, the reason is almost always because a status quo system is sitting there, and no real pain or timeframe has been established which would move the prospect to make a decision.

Bottom line: Create a strategic, focused Discovery meeting list of key questions. Take the time to go through those questions. Your reps will build rapport and come back with the key info they need to pluck a prospect off of status quo – pain and timeline. The result will be a sale and a good turn done for your prospect — they need your solution!

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